Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux ***Buddy Read with Drunken Panda and Pervy Melissa***


I could not wait to dive in and creep on my two beautiful men, Ty & Zane. I was not disappointed. The writing in this book was THE BEST out of all in the series. Brilliant work, Abigail! I could not put this book down from the start. In the previous books, the plot was not as engaging and the romance was what really had you hooked. Whereas in this one, the action was through the roof. I was thoroughly entertained, to say the least. I was panting, my heart was pounding and I needed to continue to see what would happen next. I. Could. Not. Stop. There was not very much romance but that didn’t stop me from loving this book. And, I did enjoy seeing how Ty’s team Sidewinder, Nick, Owen, Kelly, Digger, worked together. They were a great bunch of men!

In the beginning, there were some sweet moments that had me melting. They are just TOO adorable together! *sigh* But then comes the big turn of events and everything goes down the drain. Ty had been keeping a HUGE secret from Zane. When the secret is revealed, I freaking cried so badly for Zane. I couldn’t stand their fighting, and they fought a lot in this book. I was hurting SO badly for both of them. I really wanted Zane to trust Ty again, but then I see where he is coming from and understand why he is so hesitant. Then I see Ty apologizing, but not for everything, and I want Zane to forgive him anyways. Everything Ty did was for Zane and I desperately wanted Zane to see that, that his love was genuine. I just wanted them to stop hurting. The bar fight scene, the things they said to each other… CRUSHED. ME. I was an emotional wreck.

"I just need to be able to trust you, Ty," he whispered.
"You can. I swear you can. I'd die for you, Zane."
Zane's heart was in his throat as he studied Ty's profile. "I know."


"After everything we've been through, why the hell can't you believe me?"
"Because you lie."


"I know it. I will never be the man you think I am."
Zane's breaths came harder. "We've both been trying so hard to be worthy of each other."

"I love you, Zane," Ty gasped. "Nothing I've done will ever change that."

There weren’t very many tender moments in this book, with all the drama that occurred. I thought it would bother me, to not see them so lovey dovey as they were in the previous book. But, like I said, the action really hooked me and I felt what I was given, was just enough. I cherished any sweet moment they shared. There were still some steamy scenes that were hot and beautiful but that couch scene took the crown. It was SO CALIENTE! I will be remembering that for a LONG while. *fans self*

Liam Bell, was a new character who use to be part of Ty's team. I did not like him from the beginning, even if he was somewhat intriguing. He was giving me all kinds of bad vibes. I still don’t like him, he just seems like bad news. I don’t understand him. He was just too shady and confusing. That is what made him so freaking scary, the fact that you can’t define him and know that he may be capable of anything. I am interested to see if he will be making another appearance in the next book. I'm keeping my eyes on him.

"You were worth it," Ty murmured.

The Ending! OMG! The ending! I was stunned speechless! I was feeling so many emotions. I was SHOCKED, HAPPY, SAD, and CONFUSED. I was not expecting that freaking ending! Why Abigail! Why are you trying to kill me? I NEED the next book NOW! It was a terrible cliffhanger. I can’t freaking wait for the next book! I would read it regardless, just because I LOVE my TY & ZANE! We'll see what the next book has in store.



"Who are you, Ty?"
"I was an assassin. I'm a Marine. I'm the man who doesn't miss. And I'm yours."




"Who are you, Zane?"
"I'm an artist. I'm a geek. I am one badass motherf*cker on a motorcycle. And I'm yours."