Fettered - Lyn Gala
*** 4.5 Stars ***

Dylan Carter's brother can do no wrong. That is what he grew up hearing. But now his brother Gary is being accused of rape and his family is slowly falling apart. Dylan just wants to get away from it all.

Dylan is trying to figure out why he can't stop thinking of whips and handcuffs. He goes to the Stonewall, a BDSM bar, to look for answers. Here is where he meets Miss Dolphinia, a queen that confuses and scares the hell out of him but also makes him feel safe. She wants to set him up with a Dom that is sure to be perfect for him, Vin Hauser.

Vin Hauser doesn't do relationships anymore. He does one or two night stands at most, but that is it, and then he moves on. His last relationship affected him deeply. Now with Dylan, he seems to want more. He just hopes Dylan feels the same way.

Trigger warning: off-page violent hetero rape.

I really enjoyed this book! It was different from any book I have read that was BDSM.

To start, I felt bad for how Dylan's family was suffering with Gary being accused of rape. Gary has been a bully to him for most of his life. Dylan has learned to pretty much not draw any attention to himself. That's how he likes it to be and how he wants it to remain. While Gary was always been the child in the spotlight. But this current problem has put a strain on the family. Everyone is trying to hold it together while Gary's problem is affecting everyone in some way. Gary I completely hated. He was such an arrogant bastard. Just a complete douchbag. I loathed him.

Dylan's sister Carmine has no filter. She says it how she sees it. It is no secret how much she hates Gary. She thinks Gary is capabale of being guilty. Dylan's mom is Gary's defender and believes he is innocent. While his dad remains opinionless and just tries to keep everything balanced. Dylan is tired of being swayed this way and that way with how he should feel and think about the issue. He wants to forget about all these problems for just a few moments.

I love it when he goes to the Stonewall and meets Miss Dolphinia, the transvestite. She is such an interesting character! She is vibrant, sassy and ballsy and I freaking loved it! Dylan's innocence attracts 'sharks' and Miss Dolphinia is there to save him and point him in the direction of Vin. Vin interested me from the start. He seemed to be dangerous, intense and sexy. Vin gives Dylan a taste of what the BDSM world is like and Dylan is hooked. I really don't blame him because Vin was one hot-ass DOM!

The only thing I felt I needed was Vin's POV. I would have liked to get to know him better. Even though I liked him and the way he was possesive, protective, and supportive of Dylan, I felt like I needed more for me to fully connect with him. I didn't understand some of the things he did. So his thoughts would have been very awesome to have. Still he was so damn hot that he had me panting in many scenes. I also absolutely loved seeing Dylan and Vin interact with eachother. Dylan made a very great submissive. Seriously melted the panties off me.

The sex in this book was different for me. I am so use to seeing safe words and such that when Vin said he didn't use them, I got kinda scared there for a moment. But it actually worked for them. This aspect of the book was quite realistic from anything I had ever read before. It wasn't all done in an overly 'sweet' manner, which I was surprised to love.

Overall this book was really great. But it wasn't perfect. I think the transition from certain scenes to the next could have been done differently. Maybe somes scenes could have been switched to make it flow better. Otherwise the writing was fabulous. I loved the characters and hope there will be a sequel where I will get to know Vin more, and hopefully his POV? The abuse in this book was really realistic to me and the way the characters reacted to it. There was one moment where I totally didn't see it coming. I don't want to spoil it, but I was shocked with disgust and sadness. The ending left me wanting more because it ended quite abruptly, but loved nontheless. Seriously, it was a really great read and I recommend you give it a try.