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*** 5 Hauntingly Beautiful Tragic Stars ***
Spoiler Free


"I think for you to understand this story, you must first become a part of it."

This is not your ordinary Erotic novel, this was an intensely heartbreaking story. I was captivated by the mystery that surrounded Chateau Tibideau from the very beginning. I could not put this down.

"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and, therefore, is winged cupid painted blind."

Phillipe Tibideau thinks it's time for the real story to be told, the story about her, Chantel Rosenberg. He invites journalist, Gemma Harris, to stay several months in his Chateau, so she can write about how things really occured. Gemma can't believe she is staying at Chateau Tibideau for a few months, regardless to the warnings she had received about Phillipe. Why is this once famous artist, that is now living in seclusion, being referred to as a 'Beautiful Monster'. She is determined to find out the truth, and to see if all the assumptions made in the media about him, have any validity to them. Gemma, is given Chantel's journal, so she can get inside her head during the time Chantel had a relationship with Phillipe. Gemma never knew, she would never be the same.


Phillipe was so intense, that he constantly had my heart racing. There was just this mysterious sexiness to him but also a haunting sadness that would enthrall you and not let go. No matter how scary at times he behaved, a part of you still wanted to stay to discover the real man beneath that broken exterior, the man that was written in that journal. He had me in a constant arousal throughout the book and his seduction wasn't just affecting Gemma, but me as well. I could actually feel the touches, the soft breaths, and the smooth sound of his voice caress my skin. The sex scenes were Really HOT, I am talking high steam here. You will really love it!

"Beauty." There's a pregnant pause before he repeats himself louder. "Beauty inspired me."
"Beauty of the world?"
"No, beauty of a woman. One woman."

I have never felt a connection so strong to a character as I felt with Gemma. I felt and thought everything she was feeling and thinking. It was almost as if we were one and the same. It was like I was having my own taste of what Gemma was going through when reading Chantel's journal. The writing was just truly brilliant. I became addicted to Phillipe and Chantel's love story but also how Gemma seemed to intertwine with them and become obsessed with Chantel. Throughout the story, it felt as though Chantel was never gone, you could always feel her presence in some way.


The book was written in such a way, that you could see everything that was happening as if you were watching a movie reel being played inside your head. Except that you feel as though you are a part of it, not just spectating it. I loved the idea of incorporating those interactions, it brought everything to life and really helped me have an engaging reading experience. I was using the interactions while reading and my senses were completely titillated. I found myself being swept away by the beautiful music and paintings. I give big props to Ella Frank for including this great idea into her book.

"I want you to play for me"
"What would you like me to play?"
" about something that will haunt me?"
"That I can do"

This is definitely a story that will stick with me for a very long time. I have never felt such a raw heartache from reading a book. Ella Frank struck gold when writing this fantastic book. I definitely recommend you experience this beautiful and intense tragic story for yourself. So make sure to grab a copy on April 9th!! Thank you to Ella Frank for allowing me to read such an AMAZING book!!

"The true paradises are paradises we have lost."





***Arc provided by author, Ella Frank, in exchange for an honest review.***