Fish & Chips  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux *Finished Buddy Re-read with Melissa and Amanda on March 1/13*

Keeps getting better and better *sighs*

Zane and Ty are back on the job after what happened on the mountain in the last book. They must go on a Caribbean cruise and usurp an openly gay married couple named Corbin (Zane) and Del (Ty) Porter, who are part of a smuggling ring. Things don't go as planned with someone trying to kill them and get difficult when they cannot locate their back up.

I could probably read about Ty and Zane all day and not get bored of those two. With each book I love Ty and Zane more. It was just TO entertaining to watch them be comfortable with each other in public because they could. Ty was funny as always and affectionate with Zane, LOVED IT. Zane had to be alpha and possesive of Ty which I also LOVED. Their relationship has definitely grown in this book because they finally moved on from being friends with benefits to 'more'.

I was in a happy haze throughout the book because they couldn't stay away from each other. They kissed alot, hugged alot, touched alot, amongst other things...(which was freaking HOT). They were also learning about each other more. Their trust is growing and solidifying. They were just TOO freaking adorable and still love their banter. I was grinning like an idiot in the ending it was so sweet. Can't wait to read the next because I can't get enough of Ty and Zane.