Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban 4 AMAZING STARS!!

After finding out that Julian and Cameron are in the Cut and Run series ,"Armed and Dangerous" I had to read this first. WOW I FREAKING LOVED THEM!! :D

I was ingtrigued by Julian Cross from the start. He was a total mystery. Cameron didn't know much about him except he always showed up at the restaurant on Tuesdays and sat at the same table and ordered the same things. Julian was a powerful bad-ass alpha, who seemed dangerous, was very good looking, quiet, and looked capable of doing harm. Yet Cameron never felt threatened or scared of him, instead he felt attracted to him.

Cameron Jacobs worked as a waiter in the restaurant Julian had become a regular to. Cameron was the total opposite of Julian. He was more friendly, and kinder in appearance as well as in attitude. He may even be weaker when compared to Julian but no less likeable to me. I understood Cameron completely in regards to his worry for not really knowing who Julian was. I would have thought he was stupid if he didn't freak out a bit.

I just LOVED the chemistry between Julian and Cam. They were such an adorable pair :) They may be opposites but together they are PERFECTION. OMG the first time they kissed and then had sex was really CALIENTE!!

I really enjoyed watching Julian act like a big baby from a dog attack. He was almost as funny as Ty Grady when he was intoxicated by his medication.

Towards the ending things started to pick up speed and the suspense was really exciting. But there was a sad part where I felt brokenhearted. Then also for the sorrow Cameron felt for six months. I would be pretty pissed too if I was mourning the person I loved when he was ALIVE the whole time!! But the reasons for why Julian did this was understandable, I guess, so he's forgiven. The ending was truly and perfectly sweet *sigh*, I was really happy with it!!


Julian Cross

Cameron Jacobs