Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux *Buddy Read with Panda and Perv Mar 4/13*


I am SO glad I read Warrior's Cross first because I don't think I would have connected with Julian and Cameron as much. So I suggest you read that one first. Putting them together with Ty and Zane was a freaking BRILLIANT idea!! I kind of wish this was made into a TV series or something just to see it all live :)

This one picks up a week after Ty's disappearance where only a note was left behind. Ty and Zane are reunited for a case in which they must collect and escort Julian Cross to D.C. Washington. But it seems once again that some one is trying to kill 'them', or like Zane says 'Julian'.

I can't tell you how much I was freaking smiling when Ty and Zane were reunited, my cheeks were sore. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!


Their PDA had my heart to bursting. When they made love it was so SWEET and BLOODY HELL!! It was really HOT HOT HOT!. My e-reader was getting fogged up. Things have really changed between them. They are FINALLY more open to their feelings and the things they said *SWOON*. OH and the gift... *sigh*

"Why a compass?" Ty asked.
Zane smiled and ran his thumb across the pendant. "Because you gave me direction when I was lost. You showed me the way." He looked up to meet Ty's eyes. "You're like my very own compass."
"I know, I know. I'm a sap."
"Maybe. But you're my sap," Ty said fondly. He reached for Zane and leaned in to kiss him.

Julian being another Alpha butted heads with Ty and Zane in the beginning. They really tried to annoy the living hell out each other and I was eating every minute of it. Their banter was HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING!! :D As the story progressed they ended up having respect for each other. I loved seeing them be on the same side and helping each other out. That's what I loved about this book, that the action had me gripped more than the action from any of the previous books.

Cameron, I ended up liking more in this book than the in Warrior's Cross. He was still kind of naive but it was kind of funny how he helped in one situation by putting his input. Oh and I forgot about the coffee machine cord ahhahaha. Cameron and Julian ended up being the example relationship that Ty and Zane want, out and proud.

Deuce made an appearance and with some very happy news!! Just had to add that because I LOVE Deuce ;)

Nick shows up in this one and although I didn't really like him after what happened with Ty. Like Zane, I myself, was not able to really hate the guy. The revelations Nick made to Zane about what Ty and him endured, Oh God HEART BREAKING!! Like I said before I hope Nick finds someone too :)

OMIGOD LOL!! I was really laughing when Julian left Smith and Wesson with Ty and Zane. It was too funny!

Overall I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I really hope to see all these characters together again! I mean they're gonna pick up the cats soon... right. :D