Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux *Buddy Read with Pervy Melissa and Panda Amanda*



I completely devoured this book. Hands down my favourite of the series. My heart was BURSTING with HAPPINESS. I was in a blissful state throughout this book whenever Ty and Zane were showing their love. THANK GOD they are FINALLY not holding back and their relationship is growing. They are the most ADORABLE pair that they constantly had me melting!!

"I can't wait to get home with you. Even if it's just to crawl in bed and watch that stupid-ass show you like so much, I don't care. Whatever I do, I'm glad I'm with you." -Ty

Ty heads home with Zane after recieving a call from his mom that she needs help since Earl is 'injured'. Ty had been thinking about going to the next step and finally reveal to his family that he is gay. Chester freaking knew Ty and Zane were 'sweethearts' the whole time and just blurts it to the family, I LOVED IT ha! The family didn't take it so well in the beginning, especially Ty's dad, but only because he kept it from them for so long, like they wouldn't support him.

"Don't matter who you love, son," Earl said. "As long as you do it well."

Zane recieves a call from his family that they're having trouble with trespassers in their ranch. So Zane goes alone to Texas to help. The part I have been waiting for finally came! Meeting Zane's family. Zane had mentioned time and time again how he wasn't close to them but never revealed further from that. Now I can say his family is freaking AWESOME as well. I'm NOT including Zane's mom in that statement. I REALLY HATED her. Ty surprises Zane and arrives at that ranch to see if he can help. Zane decided to come clean to his family and also reveal that he is gay and is in a relationship with Ty. Zane's Dad was the BEST!!

Harrison shrugged. "Had a gay bull I had to sell last year. That was a damn nuisance. Gay son? That don't cost me nothing."

His Mom however, did not take it well. She was a royal B*TCH who worried more about appearances than to being loving and understanding to her family. A mother should be happy their children are happy. She actually made Zane cry and I was right there with him balling!! I wanted to give him a hug SO BAD! <3<br/>

The sex scenes were sweet and tender yet very passionate and even rough. And of course they had me fanning myself often (phone sex, car rutting, couch cowboy ride, utility closet quickie) REALLY HOT!!

They're relationship is moving forward and have had the 'want kids' talk. This was because of how well Ty was with Zane's niece Sadie. They were so cute together! I think they would both be such amazing dads :D I am hoping that things will become more serious, like say... marriage? Because Zane was contemplating it!! *SQUEE*


"For the first time, they were actually discussing their future in concrete terms. They'd both known, on some level, that they intended to spend the rest of their lives together. It felt like a solid force now, though, something as real as the hands that pressed into his back or the lips that met his over and over as they made love."

OMG! Ty with Wesson and Smith was cute, But now with Barnum! SO ADORABLE! We totally missed when Julian came to collect his cats, though! :( After losing his beloved Bronco, now Ty has a new car to build up, thanks to Zane's dad. :)

I am TOO EXCITED for the next one!! Let's see what Touch & Geux brings us. I can't wait to get MORE of Ty and Zane! I want it to NEVER end LOL! :D


Zane Garrett

Ty Grady

This has nothing to do with the book but they mentioned the song 'The Eye of The Tiger'. This is how Ty would look like singing it LOL