Highlander Most Wanted  - Maya Banks
♥♥♥ 4.5 Stars ♥♥♥

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"I did not think a man such as you existed."

He smiled and lowered his mouth to hers. "And 'tis the truth I did not dream a lass such as you existed."

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Genevieve McInnes has been thought to be dead for a year, but she had been prisoner to Ian McHugh at his Keep. Ian was obsessed with her and wanted her for himself but she had always turned him down. So, he took her and scarred her face in hopes that no man would ever desire her. The abuse came to an end when Grame Montgomery killed Ian for kidnapping his wife in Never Seduce A Scot. When Bowen Montgomery shows up at the McHugh Keep, she doesn't know if she can trust him. Soon, she starts to fall for him for is gentleness and kindness, something she hasn't had in a long time.

Bowen Montgomery has returned to the McHugh Keep to take it over, now that it is abandoned, and to seek revenge on Patrick McHugh, Ian's father. When he meets Genevieve, he is upset for all she had endured but admires her for surviving. He becomes attracted to her because of her strength and beauty that goes deeper than her appearance. He wants nothing more than for her to be happy and be free again. But it seems that they may not be able to be together.

Genevieve was one bad ass chick. I loved her! She was so courageous, strong, damaged and fragile all at once. She was abused by Ian throughout the entire year she spent with him as well as by those he let abuse her. She has one side of her face scarred by a knife, it was Ian's way of branding her as his. What I love about her is that she didn't let Ian break her. She didn't let the clans people to tear down her spirit completely with their words. She managed to keep herself together after all that torment and still have a heart and care. Plus, she's just freaking awesome with a bow and arrow!!

I did feel my heart break for all that she had to go through. I couldn't believe she survived it all without going crazy. I don't think I could have lasted as long as she did. I hated how terrible the women were towards her. How could they mistreat her when they knew about her situation, it's not like she asked to be there. Genevieve was an amazing woman for still being able to have her dignity.

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"If I should never be with another man again, I would want you to be the last," she whispered. "Show me, Bowen. Show me what it's like. Take away the memory of Ian."

"You'll never have to beg me for anything, my love. If you ask me for the moon, I'll fetch it for you."

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“You are an angel sent from God at last,” she whispered. "I prayed for so long for one. I thought he had forgotten me, surely.”

Bowen’s features tightened and darkened. “I come too late. I have saved you from none of your misery. Would that I had known of your plight earlier. I would have come, Genevieve. I would have saved you.”

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Bowen was such and great man. He was the only one that was her champion. The only one who was interested enough in actually getting to know her and not believing in the rumours of her being just a whore. I loved how kind, tender and protective he was with her. He was able to see her for who she was behind that scar on her face, but was also able to see the beauty in her scar. It was a symbol of her resilience and how she was able to make it. I loved how he fell for her first and how he wooed her. He didn't push her into anything but took his time to show her how it feels like to be loved. He was so wonderful and selfless. I loved him and I thought together they were perfect.

Highlander Most Wanted was a very sweet and emotional story. I never wanted it to end. I seriously cannot get enough of Maya Bank's highlanders. I loved all the characters. Well except the evil ones, of course. I loved the romance between Bowen and Genevieve *Sigh*. There were some sad moments that made me tear up, but also moments where I couldn't hold back my smile. The ending was beautiful, really enjoyed it. I definitely recommend you give this book a read. I can't wait to read the next book with Brodie and Taliesan, I freaking loved them in this book! Although, it looks like it will have to be a long wait. But I'm still going to wait for it!