Take Care, Sara - Lindy Zart image
♥♥♥ 5 Heartachingly Beautiful Stars ♥♥♥

~Arc provided by Author in exchange for an honest review~


Take Care, Sara is a story about heartache and loss. It is about overcoming those thoughts and emotions that made you feel so lost, alone, and worthless. By letting go, and finding a reason to stay strong. So you can move on and learn how to live and love again.


It has been a year since Sara's world was turned upside down. You probably wouldn't know it, though, by the way Sara still mourns the loss of her husband Cole like it just happened. She lives in a constant state of depression and doing the most mundane of tasks takes up too much energy for her to accomplish. This is what she has turned into, a sorrowful zombie. When the memories and feelings become too hard to bear, one call has the power to calm her down some. One call from the only person she has left, Lincoln, Cole's brother.

Lincoln can't take it anymore. He refuses to see what Sara is doing to herself. She no longer resembles the warm, kind woman that she use to be. She hasn't died, she is still alive. So now it's up to him to push her limits until she can let go and finally live her life like she is suppose to. But Lincoln has been hiding something from her for a long time and the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for him to not show her how he feels.


This story was so beautiful! I was an emotional wreck for most of the book so I want to warn you in advance, you will need to have a box of tissues at hand! The story was very well written. I was able to connect with Sara and feel every single emotion she had. I had never felt such a loss for a character I've never even met, but I was able to, I was grieving Cole's death. The journey that Sara goes through in order to move forward felt like I was going through that journey along with her. I thought it was perfectly paced, it made it that much more believable to me, including the characters.

"I'd do anything for you, Sara." Lincoln's head lifted. "You have to know that."

She did. Sara closed her eyes, nodding. "I know."

"I'll always be here for you, no matter what . Even when you don't want me to be. Even when you don't think you need me to be, or you don't think you deserve me to be. I'll never leave you."

I loved, loved, loved Lincoln. He was super supportive, selfless and always there for her to make her smile. He never gave up on her, no matter how many times she pushed him away. I seriously don't know what Sara would have done without him. He was going through the same grief she was but he was able to hide it from everyone better than she was. Yet, he still sacrificed himself in order to ensure that she would be okay. Even though it was hurting him to be so close to her without being able to show her how he truly felt for her. He really was a wonderful character. *sigh* All he wanted was to be understood and be seen by her.


Overall, it was an amazing heart wrenching read but it also made you reflect on life and it helped as a reminder to always cherish those loved ones around you. I ugly cried so much, but I also couldn't help but smile during some scenes. The story was told in Sara's POV and I thought the transition from present to past was done so, seamlessly. I loved how much Lincoln and Sara needed and took care of each other. It was so great to see them find happiness and become somewhat healed. The ending was so beautiful and sweet. I loved it and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.