Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban *Finished Buddy Re-read with Amanda and Melissa on March 3/13*

After getting closer and having a semblance of a relationship from their experience in the cruise, they wanted to try for real. Well now months later it seems their work related obligations is getting in the way. Especially when a string of robberies is related to a series of bombings that seem to be directed at Ty and Zane, and the people of the city think the police are lacking at their duties.

I can't say enough how much I LOVE LOVE Ty and Zane, pretty much addicted. I want nothing more then for them to be completely honest with each other and finally have a relationship without holding back.

I said it about the last book but this is the best one so far. The suspense in this one really grabbed me, especially when Ty couldn't find Zane. My heart was pounding. Then there was the never-ending banter between them that never seizes to make me laugh, it's so Hilarious! Even when it's in the form of texting :) AHH and I was SO sad about the Bronco :'( , poor Ty.

Zane did frustrate me in this one more. He just has to analyze and over think everything. He just couldn't admit to himself that he loves Ty. When he FINALLY did tell Ty and I was freaking glowing with happiness :D

The sex between Ty and Zane was EXPLOSIVE!! The door sex, the make-up Sex, the quiet sex... FREAKING HOT AND BEAUTIFUL!! TY showed his jealous side and how possessive he can get, LOVED IT.

Ty had to deal with coming out to his recon buddies. I felt for Ty especially after Owen's reaction. But I was not expecting Nick's. I kind of feel bad for Nick and hope he finds someone.

The ending had me FREAKING out. WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT?? What did that mean??? WILL THEY GET THEIR HEA?? Abigail Roux has left me WANTING MORE of Ty and Zane.

Ty Grady

Zane Garrett