Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4) - Karina Halle
***5 Scary Bloody Woman and Hot Perry Stars***

This review is gonna have to be short. Why you ask... because I must, and I mean MUST, read the next book PRONTO!! Holy friggin' cliffhanger!! I just can't wait any longer.

Perry goes to Seattle and stays with Dex and his girlfriend for a week because Dex was able to get permission to investigate a mental hospital there. Perry doesn't like the idea of staying with both of them at their apartment, but can't do anything about it since she doesn't have money for a motel. Things seem to be fine at first but soon things take a turn for the worse. Jenn shows her true colors and there isn't anything hot about it. Revelations are made, and Dex and Perry can't avoid what they want any longer. Each other.

Okay, so if my status updates weren't clear enough for you... I HATE JENN!!! (Dex's wine babe girlfriend) Bleh, she is the biggest insensitive bitch there is! I LOATHE HER!! I was evilly laughing when Perry put her in her place! It was a gleeful moment.

Moving on. The fear factor in this book was crazy! I was panting with fear by the things they saw and heard. I seriously got spooked and became slightly, yes only slightly paranoid. *Looks over shoulder*

The bleeding girl, the wasps, the lights turning off, the whispers... creeped me the heck out!! I loved the writing, though! The author knows how to describe everything that is happening in an exciting way that it almost makes you feel like you are experiencing it. I Loved it! But also hated how much it totally scared me.*Looks over other shoulder*

And when I wasn't panting with fear, I was panting with lust for Dex and Perry to get it on already!! The tension keeps building that it's only a matter of time before it snaps, right? Well it does! Holy macaroni, it was awesome!! But why can't they just TRUST each other and be HONEST!?! Why the lies?!? I hope this improves in the next book

Then came the ending... I wanted to hurl my e-reader to the wall and cry out in frustration. Instead, I sat there staring at it while repeating "why...why...why..." because I couldn't believe this was happening! I loved this book so much up until that ending. It was better than the last and it seems to only be getting better. Now I am off to read the next or I will die if I don't find out what happens.