Fallen From Grace - Laura Leone, Laura Resnick 4.5 Stars

Sara is in her mid thirties and a writer. After the series she writes gets cancelled by her publishing house and gets dumped by her agent, she decides to start over. Sara moves into a smaller place and tries to focus on her writing. She did not expect to be sharing her balcony with an attractive, friendly 26 year old guy, Ryan. They instantly hit it off and become friends. Unfortunately Ryan does not model like he says, he confesses that he is actually an escort/prostitute.

Ryan has suffered abuse and was once a street kid. He is saved from the harsh streets by a woman, also his present pimp, Catherine. He falls for Sara but feels unworthy to be with someone so great and so smart as her.

"What are you doing with me? Why are you here with a guy like me ?"

Ryan's story made my heart hurt for him, but he was such a great guy with a big heart. I just loved him with Sara. Their interactions made me smile. Gosh seeing him with his pets was highly amusing. This book was very well written and handled the subject appropiately. You get an insight on prostitution and the struggles one has to deal with to survive. Then you see Sara having to deal with what Ryan does for a living and if she can maintain a relationship with him regardless. I felt so sad for Ryan and the torment he still endured. I was really wanting him to finally get to be happy and get the love he so much deserved. I really enjoyed this book and it had a very sweet ending. Note of warning though, you will really hate Catherine. Seriously hated her!!

"I don't think I can ever really understand your attitude about sex, your attitude about what you do. But I trust you when you say you feel differently about me-"
love you"
"-than you do about the other women you have sex with.

A great read and I definitely recommend this book. If looking for similar reads go for Damaged Goods by Lauren Gallagher and Finding Home by Lauren Baker.