The Education of Sebastian (The Education of..., #1) - Jane Harvey-Berrick 4.5 STARS

OMG!! What an ending!! I need to read the second book, Pronto!! Thank God I have it... PHEW!

'Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men'


"There is nothing to forgive," he said, his voice forceful. "We fell in love. It's not a crime."

Caroline is 30 years old and in a loveless marriage to a US Navy Medical Officer. Sebastian is a 17 year old high school graduate, just four months away from 18. They met when Sebastian was just 8 years old and this is when he started to fall in love with Caroline. But then her husband was relocated, and so Caroline leaves and doesn't return until 10 years later. In their first encounter, Caroline notices how handsome he's gotten and how eager Sebastian is to keep seeing her. She starts to feel uncomfortable at first, and tells him so, but then she couldn't help but feel attracted to him.

"Why are you so scared? I mean, forget all that legal bullshit…why do you keep trying to…I don't know, make me change my mind? What do you think I've got here that I wouldn't give up in a heartbeat to be with you? There's nothing to keep me here. I'll go anywhere, do anything to be with you."

I wasn't sure initially, if the age difference was going to really put me off, due to Sebastian being underage and all. It ended up not bothering me too much in the end. I won't lie, some moments the age gap was more obvious then in others, and it was in those moments where I wasn't 100% okay with the relationship. I guess, I still would have liked for them to have waited until he was 18. Nevertheless, I really did enjoy the story.

"I love you, Caroline. I always have. My whole life."


"Caro! Why are you crying?"
"Because I love you."


“What did I know of the kind of love that made it hard to breathe, where your body ached day and night for that connection with another, physically, mentally, spiritually? It was utterly new and terrifying and exhausting and wonderful. I was dazzled by the light that spilled from him into the shadow of my previous existence. He eclipsed everything, erased everything that had gone before. I was reborn – not just to him, but to myself. And I was ready for the adventure.”

Even though Caroline was 30, she at times seemed as innocent as Sebastian. I felt like she never really grew up and became her own person, because of the way she was treated by her husband. So in some ways, their behaviour was of a similar age. She was a doormat. David, her husband, demanded things be as he liked at all times. He never seemed to take an interest in, or encourage her to pursue what she was passionate about. He made her feel insignificant while he was always important. Everything they did was so mechanical and with no emotion. I don't know how she stood him for so long. I did feel very happy when she was able to finally leave that relationship and stand up for herself. Sebastian gave her that strength and support she needed to take that step. She was able to learn what real love felt like and also think about the possiblities to have in life. She finally felt alive and it was because of him.

"You've given me back my self-esteem and you've given me hope for the future. You've given me love. You've given me yourself. There's nothing else I want."

Sebastian, sometimes, seemed to be mature for his young age. This was because he pretty much raised himself, since he practically had a nonexistent father and an alcoholic mother. That doesn't mean he didn't act like the teenager that he was, he definitely had his mood swings. He also was very sweet and so endearing. Almost everything that came out of his mouth had me absolutely MELTING! In the beginning, I thought, he couldn't possibly know what love is. I just thought he needed an out from his situation at home and latched himself on to Caroline. I soon realized that I was wrong. I believed him when he said he loved her. I adored him and just wanted him to have the happiness he deserved.

"Caro, don't you understand how I feel about you? I love you, you're all I want. I want a future with you... I want our lives to be together. I'm not a kid, I've had to grow up fast. I've been taking care of myself for a long time now. And I want to take care of you."


The ending was terrible!! Not that it was poorly written, but because of the events that took place. My heart was breaking and I hurt so badly for them. Why couldn't they just have waited for those four months to go by to start something! Then maybe it would have ended differently. It was a beautiful read and now I am DESPERATE to start the next!

'Despite what happened that day, despite what happened later, I can't bring myself to regret the events of that summer, because Sebastian taught me how to love.'