Undressed - Avery Aster ~Copy provided by Author via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review~

♥♥♥ 3.5 STARS ♥♥♥

When I started this book, I didn't expect to laugh so much. This is an erotica, so of course there was some sex scenes (which were quite hot!). But it wasn't overloaded with sex, just a lot of talk about sex and crude language. But it was also very funny, well to me anyways.

To start with the story, Lex Easton is a fashion designer from New York. She is the owner of Easton's Essentials and has been buying her fabric from the Italian textile complany, Girasoli. Fashion week is fast approaching but she has yet to recieve her fabric order to create her samples for the line. When she calls to ask about her order, Prince Massimo Tuttoni, (whom she has had a crush on and named her B.O.B after.) responds the order will not be delivered... ever. Their business contract has been terminated. Outraged, Lex goes to Italy to confront him in person and to demand she get her fabric.

Lex was quite a fiesty character. She definitely wasn't shy when it came to getting what she wants. But when it came to cameras and the spotlight, she would rather run and hide. She had a difficult upbringing with both parents being famous. She felt as though she was put under a microscope. So she stays away from the media. I liked her, she wasn't a whiney woman who couldn't make up her mind. She knows what she wants and goes out to get it. But sometimes she could be a bit stubborn when things didn't go her way, which I didn't really like.

Then there is the one and only... the Italian hunk with the package the size of an "evian water bottle", Prince Massimo Tittoni. He is the CEO of Girasoli Garment Company. He is arrogant and intense, known to be a playboy and eternal bachelor. Massi is what he was raised to be. He doesn't want to fall in love again after he was left devastated in the past. He wants to start his own fashion line using their textiles, so he is no longer selling it. But soon, he learns he may need Lex's expertise to pull it off. So he decides to propose a business agreement to her.

I am so happy we got to see both of the characters pov. Because at first, I did not like him. But once you see the reasons why they were both fighting the attraction, it was really funny to see them push each other's boundaries. He was still a bit of a jerk at times, but also could be quite endearing in others. So eventually I did end up liking him. They just made a great duo.

Okay, now moving on the sex.... what can I say. There were some scenes that were plenty hot! But it was really over-the-top. I liked the threesome scene thrown in this book, but the only thing I didn't like was that the girl involved kept yelling "darlings" to her lovers. It kinda killed it for me and I couldn't help but giggle. There wasn't a buttload of sex in this book but the scenes that there were, were just too porno-ish to me. I mean honestly, they needed a freaking mop with all the squirting that was happening. I started to wonder if Lex didn't have some sort of water hose in there. And then there was a scene involving Massi's balls, all I could think was... is that possible?? I don't know if I was the only one thinking this, but I got so damn curious I had to google it to find out *don't judge me*... and it was!! I was like "Lordy!!!" And to those who have read it and know what I mean, I hope you don't think I'm stupid lol! So yeah, some pretty hot scenes.

The whole story was a bit on the fast side, as in, Lex and Massi both fall in love quickly. I think because of the pace of the book, I had trouble really connecting with both characters. But it was still entertaining seeing both characters interact. The ending was bit too cheesy than what I would have liked. We'll see how the next book in this series turns out. If you are looking for a fun, light, sexy read, this is it.

Note: This book may not be for everyone, due to the explicit subject matter.