Review: Abe: Four in Hand by M.J. Fields

Abe: Four In Hand - M.J. Fields






♥♥♥ 2.75 STARS ♥♥♥


The beginning of this book was pretty good. Abe is vacationing in Florida at a private home, at least that is what he thought until he finds out he will be sharing it with a group of girls who are vacationing there as well. When the last girl to arrive shows up, he becomes completely attracted to her. They decide to hook up and not reveal their names, so he calls her Four, and she calls him Neptune. But after a smoking hot night together, Abe wants more. He's hoping to get her name the next day when she wakes up. But when he awakes, she is gone.

Nikki is back home after vacationing with her friends in Florida. She loved spending the night with the man she knows as Neptune, but became overwhelmed by her feelings. She thought that she may feel heartbroken if she stayed any longer when time finally came for them to part ways. Now, she is trying to move on and has an assignment as a journalist to keep her occupied. She is to interview Abe O’Donnell, who is the CFO of Steel Inc. She is completely blown away to find out that Abe, is her sexy one night stand from Florida.

Like I said before, the first part of the book was rather good. I enjoyed the flirting and sexiness of it all. There were a few things in the dialogue that did make me cringe a bit, because it wasn't all that sensual. But I did enjoy the chemistry that these characters seemed to share. As the book progressed, the more that connection seemed to diminish. I was struggling to stay connected to these characters. I didn't like certain things Nikki did or the decisions she made, and came off quite annoying during many scenes. Abe was hot one moment, and then kind of a moody ass the other. He was supposed to be a Dom, but I felt that it was never fully explored in this book. Sure, he was controlling in the bedroom and gave a few commands here and there, but it wasn't enough for me. It at times even felt a bit awkward.

Overall, it was an alright book. It wasn't amazing and it wasn't horrible. I really enjoyed the start of the book, but unfortunately it kind of lost me as it went on. Some parts seemed to drag on, and others were rushed. I wanted a stronger connection between the characters. I could definitely feel their lust for each other, but not so much their love. Some parts of the book was a bit predictable, but I did enjoy some of the suspense in this. The characters, sometimes I liked, then other times I got frustrated and pissed off with. The ending left me wanting so much more. It was kind of abrupt. It almost felt like their story wasn't done just yet. In the end, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It was just okay for me. I think I am going to be giving this author another try.

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