Review: Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton

❅❅❅ 4 Cute Christmases ❅❅❅

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“Be careful. You know what they say: once you go dick, that’s the end of the chicks.”

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Aww...this was so freaking adorable. I loved this cute Christmas novella.

Sloane has just returned to America and is studying at Penn State University. He has had quite the unconventional upbringing with both his parents being psychiatrists and them living in Paris since he was a kid. Now that he is back, he joins a frat where he is befriended by Micah, the frat leader. This is also where he meets Micah's younger brother Hank, who is very sexy in an ex-con kind of way. Hank is the complete opposite to Sloan. That doesn't stop Sloane from lusting after him. Micah puts Hank and Sloane together to work on making the best party their frat house has ever had, in order to get more people interested in their frat. And this is when all the bickering and pranks ensues between them.

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"Don't come in, Dad!" Hank said.

"Believe me, I won't," Karma said with vocal shiver. "Just... I have, um, condoms and lube." And in a mutter. "Your mother made me."

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Watching these two pretend so hard to hate each other was so highly entertaining. I loved every moment of it. Even though this had great humourous moments, there were also some emotional moments in the story that just made things so much more better. Everything flowed very well, and despite its short length I was able to really connect with these characters. I loved the equally as wacky secondary characters, especially all of Hank's family. And I don't even care that there was only one sex scene because I freaking enjoyed it that much. I just love how sweet, romantic, and oh, so very funny it was. I also really loved the narration from both Sloane and Hank. If you are looking for a fun and adorable Christmas story to get you all smiley and happy for the holiday season, look no further.

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