Review: Resist by Missy Johnson

Resist - Missy Johnson

♥♥♥ 3.5 Interesting STARS ♥♥♥

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"Give me a reason to want you. Make me need you. Show me who you are, Charlotte."

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The story is about a twenty four year old, unemployed woman named Charlotte, who is in desperate need of a job. She has just graduated college at the top of her class, unfortunately, that information doesn't seem to be landing her any jobs. And to top it all off, her long term boyfriend had been cheating on her with their neighbour, until she finally caught him in the act. Things are just not going well for Charlotte. Things start to possibly look up when her best friend tells her about an advertisement to an unusual job. And the man behind the ad is the infamous Jaxon Murphy. If she could get the job, she could write a story about him that could land her the dream job in journalism that she has been seeking for.

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'Fear excites me.'

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Jaxon Murphy is a complete enigma and very sexy. That prologue definitely hooked me in. I want to know more about him and what exactly happened in the past. He is very secretive and would go to great lengths to make sure nothing about him is revealed. He also has some particular sexual interests that he exercises with the women he hires to fulfill those needs. So far, I can't say that I love or even like the guy. I spent most of the time not liking Jaxon actually, but, he does have me intrigued. I'm not too sure if I like Charlotte just yet either. Some of her decisions were a bit dubious to me. I mean if you knew some terrible things about a strange male, would you want to work for him anyway and be some sort of sexual slave to him? Not sure I can say yes. I do like the fact that Charlotte doesn't hold back and can be comfortable in her own skin.

This short was 67 pages in length, which didn't take very long to read, and it is a part of a five part series. The story line definitely intrigued me, but also had me unsure of what to feel during certain times. I don't want to give too much of the story away considering how short it was. I am excited about finding out how Charlotte deals with this whole situation once she is properly introduced to it. There was no romance in this part, I'm not sure when the romance will start, or if it will, to be honest. There were some great steamy and kinky scenes, which I liked. Some parts were a bit stereotypical, and others, not at all. Some parts I liked, and some parts were alright. For the first part, it wasn't too bad. I can't stop saying how intrigued I am about this story line. I just really want to find out the truth. I can't wait to see how this whole story unfolds.

~ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.~

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